Integrating a gaming element into your platform increases fan engagement time significantly.  has leveraged fan data, research, and fan feedback in building a solid platform and in offering a better fan experience. We understand the intrinsic motivation of fans to truly motivate them to achieve a long term adoption. Our solution offers analytical insights to continuously monitor and suggest evidence-based tweaks after launch. In addition, you can monetize engagement using your sponsors to sponsor any of the content and using native ads.

Predictive Gaming

Predictive play-by-play gaming can be integrated into your app for high-voltage thrills and excitement. It’s a great thing for the fans to showcase their understanding of the mechanics of plays and the playbook. The fantasy play plugin requires no support from the league that is fully managed by Fanisko.

Contextual Prediction

Engage with your fans allowing them to formulate predictions for various stages of the game. It will give the fans a lot to talk about and argue about.


Allow your fans to showcase their knowledge of the team or game and reward them accordingly.

Motion Sensor Gaming

Bring the fans into the game using motion sensor gaming. Contact us to learn more about motion sensor gaming.

AR Gaming

Bring game audio and visual into your fans’ environment. Checkout our AR page for gaming ideas.

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